• We shall provide Service Providers an online technology enabled platform offering 100% bespoke custom tailoring experience.
  • Our platform shall offer 5 vital elements – Suit Fabric, Shirt Fabric, Lining Fabric, Buttons and Canvas Kit (Shoulder Pads, Fusing, Felt, Thread) and a Value Added Service through
    • “SP” Service Provider
    • “BP” Business Partners
    • “EXP” Experience Store
  • We shall impart training to our Service Providers to enable them with skill sets.
  • Our skilled Service Providers shall delight their customers by providing them with the 100% bespoke custom tailoring experience right at their doorsteps.


World over there is an underlying need among consumers across all age groups to experience the delight of 100% bespoke custom tailoring. Given the chance and resources who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sheer pleasure of the quality and perfection of a crisp, made to measure, stand-out suit. However this need is generally mistaken as an indulgence for only the select few who can afford to pay extravagantly for getting bespoke tailoring from select service providers (Tailors/Designers/Studios/Boutiques etc.). Some of the problem areas, faced by most service providers wanting to fulfill this need but ending up either being unable to do so or failing to measure upto the expectations of the consumer, are:

  • Exorbitant costs of raw materials (mostly imported)
  • Poor availability of quality fabrics and manifold problems in sourcing quality fabric and accessories
  • High stock levels required to be maintained leading to huge inventory, costs and dead stock scenario
  • Lack of skill sets in bespoke tailoring
  • Hassles in importing fabric
  • Dearth of master craftsmen well-versed with the art of bespoke tailoring
  • We have identified many such problem areas and shall leave no stone unturned in our endeavors to address them.